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PaperBox saves me a lot of time in organizing papers/pdfs and writing manuscripts. What I like best are (1) I can access my library from multiple computers (2) I can share papers with my coworkers easily.

Xu Cui
Stanford University
avatarI have worked with several citation manager softwares including Endnote. I think I like PaperBox the best. It is intuitive to use. Its tag system makes organizing papers as easy as a few clicks. And best of all, I don't need worry about losing papers any more because of its server-based storage.

Professor Yangming Wang
Beijing University
avatarPaperBox has made it very easy for me to grab and organize papers for my research. It is saving me a good amount of time – I wish I would have had the program a long time ago!

Professor Jarred Younger
Stanford University
avatarI find PaperBox very convenient by allowing me to synchronize paper collection on different computer, and organize them easily with tags. The integration of citing function makes it more competent so that I do not need to organize papers with one software and cite references with another.

Mingbo Cai, PhD student
Baylor College of Medicine
avatarPaperBox makes organizing my reference library extremely easy. Tags help group papers by topic (papers can have multiple tags), and I can easily access all of my references from work, home, laptop, etc. PaperBox has made it much easier to find and cite papers when I need them, and I love the flexibility of having centralized storage that I can access from any computer. I highly recommend PaperBox to absolutely anyone doing academic research.

Signe Bray, Professor
University of Calgary
avatarBy chance I ran into PaperBox online and was immediately fond of the catchy design and ease of use. I like the fact that I can store my pdfs and not worry about which computer I used to upload them from. The interface is user friendly and intuitive, I was happy I could start using it immediately and not after weeks of troubleshooting. I definitely recommend it to anyone.

Miha Kosmac
Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia
avatarPaperBox is super useful for managing references. If you are in the business of reading or writing papers, PaperBox is the best tool you can find in the market. It makes literature review and referencing papers super fun. Plus, all your data is stored on the cloud, so no matter where you are, you have access to your research and notes.

Manish Saggar, PostDoc
Stanford University
avatarWhen you are organizing and retrieving your documents, nothing can be compared with PaperBox. I wish I had found this nice program long time ago.

Jianqiang Shen
avatarWith PaperBox, I'm finally starting to navigate my library of reference materials the same way I think about it. Plus, the reference managing is quite convenient. I have the feeling that I've only scratched the surface of PaperBox's functionality, but I'm already more productive. Thanks, PaperBox.

Chess Stetson, PostDoc
avatarI like PaperBox very much. I have been using it for more than half year, I still like it much and actually more and more. It is not only save my time, although it is the most convenient part when I am using it, it helps more: my thoughts were not disrupted by organizing papers and the attention was greatly maintained during paper writing. As the writing became easier, I am gradually feeling better in paper writing in English as it is not my naturally used language.

Dongming Zhou
University of Alberta
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