PaperBox 0.8.2 released

published on 02.02.2019 in Update Tagged

Fix some bugs (title is missing for papers found by google scholar)

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PaperBox 0.7.8 released

published on 08.07.2017 in Update Tagged

Fix some bugs

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PaperBox 0.7.0 released

published on 28.09.2016 in Update Tagged

Update Google Scholar handling

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PaperBox 0.5.2 released

published on 08.03.2014 in Update Tagged

Changes: Your can sort papers by title now Affiliation is shown in the paper Edit tab

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PaperBox Cite Tutorial

published on 16.09.2013 in tutorial Tagged

A brief tutorial on PaperBox Cite Check it out at Learning PaperBox Cite in 2 minutes from Xu Cui

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PaperBox 0.4.9 released

published on 02.07.2013 in Uncategorized Tagged

When sharing a paper with others using “Share link”, they do not have to be a PaperBox user to access the paper.

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PaperBox 0.4.8 released

published on 22.06.2013 in Uncategorized Tagged

Some bug fix

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PaperBox 0.4.7 released

published on 12.06.2013 in Uncategorized Tagged

“PaperBox” 0.4.7 is released. Now, the impact factor will be permanently saved.

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PaperBox 0.4.6 released

published on 07.06.2013 in Update Tagged

“PaperBox” 0.4.6 is released. Fixed Google Scholar Bug.

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PaperBox 0.4.1 released

published on 30.10.2012 in Uncategorized Tagged

“PaperBox Eye” feature is released. This feature allows you to keep track new important publications.

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